Facial Cum Action

How to Perform an Orgasm During Sex

Facial cum is the act of ejaculating during intercourse or masturbation with the aid of a lubricant such as lotion, oil or cream. The most common place for this to occur is between the breasts or on either side where the spongy tissue that is produced during orgasm squeezes the penis which causes it to ejaculate.

Many women have claimed that men who facial cum without their partners knowledge. Normally not very talkative about the act. Which often leads many a woman to believe that he has no control over his ejaculations. However, studies have shown that. The average male ejaculates at the age of 30 which suggests that there is little need for concern about when ejaculating will occur.

With that in mind, many men choose to masturbate before engaging in sexual activity. So that they can get a better understanding of when they are going to ejaculate. If you have noticed that your partner has become distracted or that she is growing uncomfortable with the whole process then you may be able to predict facial cum when you are about to ejaculate. Simply move your hand up towards your groin and feel your abdomen.

If you feel a small amount of fluid come out of your penis then you should start to move your hand toward your penis in an attempt to increase the amount of lubrication in that area. Also, try rubbing your face along with your genitalia to increase the amount of friction. You should also try increasing the intensity of your sexual activity by performing cunnilingus on your partner.

It is important to remember that the facial orgasm is different from a hand orgasm. While giving yourself oral sex try kissing your partner’s neck and lips; this will help increase your sensitivity as your lips and tongue come into contact with each other. This same rule applies when performing cunnilingus as well; applying constant pressure to your clitoris will intensify your sexual experience.