Does a Guy Cum Inside Me

..When He Masturbates? Discover His Truth

It’s a very common question among men, cum inside me? How to give a girl an orgasm. There are many different theories out there, ranging from knowing what your girlfriend likes, to taking her to a strip club. I want to propose that the way a man gives a girl an orgasm is all about understanding her body, knowing where it is sensitive, and stimulating that area with your tongue, to give her mind the ultimate cunnilingus experience. I want to take a minute to talk about how to cunnilingus guide your woman to reach an orgasm.

One thing that many people on the Internet have been commenting on. Is whether or not a guy cum inside me can be performed with your fingers or with your tongue. To give some type of definitive answer to the curious ladies, waded though the highly descriptive replies in those Reddit threads, penned by people who have most likely asked this question, does a guy cum inside me when he masturbates?

Cum inside me! Obviously, no, through your fingers. I’ll get to that in a bit!

Another common answer came from a woman who felt like she didn’t have much sexual experience:

One thing that a lot of people on the Internet seem to be confused about is the feeling of ejaculating. According to a bunch of anonymous people. If a guy gets turned on, and decides to get physically aroused. And then “tries” to make his penis “cum” inside her. He’ll definitely feel a rushing sensation that feels like he’s just cumming, and he’ll “cum” anywhere that he wants to. The truth, is that there is absolutely no way to “put your penis into” a woman. Because it doesn’t have an erection in the first place. To give a woman an orgasm. You have to make her feel an intense combination of pleasure and anticipation, which we girls can only do via sex. A guy cumming inside her is nothing more than a way for you to give her the pleasure of sex. Without having to go through the complicated process of getting one up yourself.